Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free Youtube Views (1000+ Views Within 24 Hours)

free youtube views
Talk about youtube optimization will not going to be endless, after our previous post about thousands of free youtube subscribers which can be obtained in a short time, this time we will discuss about how to get free youtube views. Of course, with this method you will get thousands of views. And we get all these views within 24 hours. Surely you've tried to get a lot of visitors to each video you upload to youtube. You have tried various ways, isn't? How it works? Whether it is in accordance with all effort that you have done?

There are among us might have managed to find an effective method to increase the number of views. Of course, many of us didn't succeed with our works. Among us who success, must have spent a lot of time to achieve everything. From the start making interesting videos, upload to youtube, share and promote it to obtain many views, of course it will takes a long time. Not infrequently, there were successful in increasing the number of views using paid service. Well, if there are free way to obtain many views, why do we have to pay? Then, how to obtain thousands of youtube views instantly and for free? To find out instant method we will use, please read entire article.

How To Start Getting 1.000 Free Youtube Views

Have you ever heard about SeoClerks? SeoClerks is one of social media marketplace that originally designed for SEO services provider. One of the services that we can find there are some people who sell youtube views. Currently SeoClerks doing a promotion. SeoClerks will provide $ 1 "Free Money" to every members, we just do a very easy task to get it (at the beginning they give $ 5 for each member, then dropped to $ 2. Now it only $ 1). We will take advantage of this promotional event to get thousands of free youtube views. Are we able to obtain thousands of youtube views with $ 1? Relax, $ 1 is the minimum price of the services in SeoClerks marketplace. With that amount, we still can get thousands of views. Because there are many sellers who put up the price of services only $ 1 for 1000 youtube views.

To be able to participate in this promotion campaign, you must registered as SeoClerks member. Open the following link to register : Once you complete your registration, you can make a claim to get free money.

Claim Your Free Money To Buy Youtube Views

To claim your free money, please open the following link : You can see there is one task that you should complete. The task is to re-tweet something trough your twitter account. Well, of course, to perform this task we need a twitter account. The twitter account that can be used is twitter account that fulfill some terms and conditions bellow :
1. Not protected account, so everyone can see your re-tweet
2. Must be at least 180 days old
3. Already have 100 followers
4. Should have more than 100 tweets
5. Your profile image can't be default image
6. You must follow this account : @seoclerks and @ilhamdc

Well, if your twitter account meets the terms and conditions above, you can participate to earn free money. If your account haven't met that terms and conditions, wait until your account qualified or use other twitter account - you also can borrow twitter account from a friends to participate.Once the claim process completely done, $ 1 automatically will be credited into your account balance. Next step is buy youtube views with your account balance.

Buy Youtube Views Using Your Free Money

To buy youtube views, you can find a seller via search engine box. Type the keyword "Youtube Views". You will see the list of sellers which sell youtube views. Choose seller who put $ 1 as the price, cause we only have $ 1 on our account balance. If you don't want to bother, you can open this seller link : "1000 Youtube Views Within 24 Hours" 

On seller's page, click "Order" button. Then you will go to payment page. On that page, select "Pay Using Account Balance". Complete your purchase by sending a message to the seller and include your youtube video link should be given views. Pretty easy isn't it? Wait until your youtube views completely send. Mostly within 24 hours all views will be sent, sometimes even less than 24 hours. There will be a notification from seller if all the views have been sent to your youtube video.

Disclaimer :
This method to get free youtube views only work if promotion campaign still in progress.