Sunday, April 6, 2014

How To Get Free Followers On Vine

free vine followers
Many people has discuss about how to get followers on vine easily. And most of them give you information for the best method based on their own experience in gaining vine followers. You may have read some method which suggest you to do simple and easy instruction to follow and get followers within a hours or days. You also probably have find someone who give information how to use bot or any kind of software to gain more followers instantly. But, have you find method that really offer you to get instant real human vine followers for free and unlimited?

Get Free Real Human Vine Followers Instantly

Have you ever heard about Addmefast - ? Addmefast is a network that can provide you free vine followers. But, before you get followers, you must have addmefast point. This point is used to rewards someone who will follow your vine account. Its mean that all followers you gained from addmefast are real human followers, not fake followers or fake account. And to join this network you need to be registered as their member. There is two kind of membership, free membership and paid membership. You can choose which membership that suitable for your needs. If you don't want to spend any money, you can choose free membership. As free member of this network, you will get 50 points at the start, and 150 points if you active daily. And for paid membership, of course you will get more points. Depend on how much money you spend to buy point package.

To use your point in addmefast, you need to log in to your addmefast account. In your addmefast account, you can choose "vine followers" at the left side of the page. Then, provide your vine account link and set the point to spend for each person who will follow your account. Minimum 2 point and maximum 10 point. So, if you set 2 point to spend, you will get 25 free vine followers from 50 points you have from the beginning of your free membership registration. The highest point you set, the fastest way to get followers.

How To Get Unlimited Free Vine Followers From Addmefast

Join into addmefast is one of the best method to get vine followers instantly besides buy vine followers. But the weakness from this method, you only can obtain for limited followers depend on how many points you own to reward another member on addmefast to follow your account. If you would like to increase your addmefast point by upgrading your account become paid membership, of course you will need much money. The solution is you need to find the method to get unlimited points.

Well, if you would like to get free unlimited vine followers from addmefast, may be you interested to have some secret method to gain unlimited addmefast point daily. There is any secret to earn addmefast point up to 3000 points daily. You only need to run some script on your mozilla firefox, and ton of points will earned automatically. Using this method, is possible for you to have unlimited points. And its mean that you can get unlimited followers for free. To read more about this information, you can read the following article : "Free Unlimited Addmefast Point".